Call for Teachers with Subject Matter Expertise

teachersIn an effort to try and ensure that the questions used on the British Columbia ExamBank follow the expectations of the provincial curriculum as closely as possible, we are going directly to the experts who teach the material on a daily basis. This is a call for teachers with subject matter expertise who would like to freelance on a contract basis with Syzygy Research & Technology to produce questions for use on ExamBank. This project is ideal for teachers looking to expand their professional growth outside of regular school hours. No specific time commitment is required - work can be completed from home and on your schedule.

To continue to enhance our current content, we are looking for questions that we can reproduce on ExamBank for most subjects and grade levels, so if you are a B.C. teacher interested in helping improve the educational experience of students across the province while at the same time make a bit of money doing so, please consider contacting us, via the form below or by calling us toll-free at 1-866-961-2269.

Format of Questions

We can work with questions in either multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or numerical response format. Since ExamBank automatically marks exams for students and provides them with instant feedback, short answer or essay style questions cannot be used.

We have the capability of working with text and/or graphics that relate to more than one question. For example, you can provide questions of the format "Use the following information to answer the next x questions". But since students receive randomized exams on ExamBank, we cannot use questions where one depends on another.

We prefer questions to be provided to us in electronic format sent by email. Microsoft Word, PDF, or plain text files all work well, but you can contact us if you have an alternate electronic format you would rather use. If you have existing questions that you would like to submit that are not already in electronic format (photocopies or faxes of old exams that you created that are still relevant, for example), we can accept those too, though at a reduced rate of remuneration.

Naturally, we also require the correct answer to each of the questions you provide, and worked out responses or a description of how the answer is obtained are helpful to students (and worth more, too!)

All questions will need to be categorized into one or more units of the appropriate current curriculum from the British Columbia Ministry of Education that they pertain to. They should also be numbered in some fashion so that we can communicate with you unambiguously if we need to discuss a question.

Graphics and Diagrams

We encourage the use of graphics and diagrams in your questions whereever possible, but if you're not a graphic artist, don't worry - in many cases we can work off a sketch that you provide, as long as we can make sense of the idea you are trying to get across. Sketches don't need to be in electronic format, since we'll probably have to re-work them anyway. In most cases, it's probably easiest to just mention where in your question you'd like the graphic or diagram to go, and then fax us the sketches that go along with them when you send us your questions.

Of course, graphics aren't always necessary and many questions can be effectively presented simply by text. But don't feel constrained if there is something that could benefit from the use of graphics.

Copyright clearance

In order for Syzygy to accept any questions, you have to be able to assert that the questions you provide are truly your own, and contain no third party copyrights. In addition, you have to provide Syzygy with non-expiring, though non-exclusive rights to use your questions. We'll provide the appropriate documentation for you to fill out and return when you get started, but essentially it means that you are granting Syzygy a license to use your questions on ExamBank. We're not buying exclusive rights to use your questions - you still own them and can do what you like with them otherwise. But of course, you cannot give exclusive rights to any other individual or organization to use your questions, since you'll have their use licensed to us.

When you sign up, we'll provide you with full documentation on our licensing requirements. But if you need clarification on any of these details, please feel free to contact us.

Remuneration details

There are numerous stages involved in providing questions for use on ExamBank, with different payment amounts associated with each. The specific tasks you would be assigned are flexible, and come down to what you are interested in doing, what you background is, and what we require. In any case, payment details are as follows:

$5.00/question Provide us with a new question (and correct solution) in electronic format for a specific unit in the B.C. curriculum.
$3.00/question Provide us with a new question (and correct solution) in non-electronic format for a specific unit in the B.C. curriculum.
$2.00/question Provide us with a worked out or descriptive solution to a new or existing question (to describe to a student why the answer is the way it is).
$1.00/question Review collections of questions supplied by us (written by others) to proofread and establish or confirm where in the B.C. curriculum they have the best fit. This is a relatively quick task, especially if you're very familiar with the curriculum of a specific course. Though we subject new questions to our own internal quality control as well, this step provides for a method of third-party verification, ensuring the question's relevance.

At the end of each month, we will provide you with a statement for the work that you did, which you can check for errors and then sign and send back to us as an invoice for work completed. We will then issue payment to you for the amount of that invoice.

At the moment, we're generally looking for approximately 200 questions per academic course. If you provide worked out or descriptive solutions to all of your questions, you can earn $7.00/question or $1400.00 per course if you do the entire course.

We'll work closely with you to ensure that we can use most, if not all, of the questions or solutions that you provide to us. But we do reserve the right to not use (or provide remuneration for) questions that you provide if they do not meet our quality expectations or fit to the curriculum.

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at

How to sign up

If you think you are interested in working with us, fill out the form below. We will then get back to you with more information, including the formal agreement that we will require you to sign and fax or mail back to us, along with a sample of 10 of your questions or worked out solutions if you are interested in providing us with new questions or worked out solutions. We will not use your sample questions on ExamBank until you are accepted as a freelance writer, at which time you will be paid for the ones we use. Of course, if you are planning on proofreading existing questions and confirming their fit to the B.C. curriculum, a sample of your work is not required.

Once things are rolling, we will allocate one unit or course at a time from the B.C. curriculum to you, in your area or areas of expertise.

You are not committing yourself to providing us with any specific number of questions for any units that you are assigned. If it turns out that you just don't have the time you thought you would to help out with the project, that's fine - just let us know so that your units can be reassigned to someone else. And similarly, don't start work on a unit without our allocating it to you first, in case someone else is already working on it.

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