Top Scores for History 12: Promise and Collapse, 1919 - 1933
1J. J.Burnaby North Secondary100.0%
2J. J.Burnaby North Secondary100.0%
3J. J.Burnaby North Secondary90.0%
4 . .L V Rogers Secondary80.0%
5C. W.Collingwood School80.0%
6J. J.Burnaby North Secondary80.0%
7 . .Collingwood School70.0%
8J. J.Burnaby North Secondary70.0%
9J. G.Collingwood School70.0%
10G. J.Prince of Wales Secondary50.0%
11J. S.Brooks Secondary50.0%
12A. .Golden Secondary10.0%
13A. .Golden Secondary0.0%

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